Granite Bubble Waffle Maker

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SMH Bubble Waffle Machine has granite teflon technology in aluminum alloy casting pans. This feature is more resistant to wear and healthier than Teflon section. It is 100% Turkish made and has 2 years warranty.

You can produce Bubble Waffle, which is produced by German Thermostat, in Bubble Waffle Machine belonging to SMH brand.

Production time of a Bubble Waffle is 2.5 minutes. You can produce an average of 23-24 Bubble Waffles per hour.

SMH Bubble Waffle Machine can produce Bubble Waffle.

You can produce bubble waffles in a row without lubrication with Bubble Waffle Maker.

Ergonomic structure with wooden handle of SMH bubble waffle maker

You can rotate 360 ​​degrees on its own axis. With its head structure, bubble waffles always come out with the same equally dough casting.

With the locked structure, the dough does not leak, even when you turn the bubble waffle, the pastries are trapped inside the machine.

Easy to clean structure saves you from trouble.

SMH Industrial Kitchen Machines Bubble Waffle machine provides the necessary cafe and restaurant services in the sector.

Required to buy SMH Bubble Waffle Machine SMH Bubble Waffle Machine.

Our devices are covered by a 2-year warranty and support for spare parts and possible malfunctions.