bubble waffle franchise


We help you create your own brand with Bubble Waffle Cafe Installation!


For those who want to open Bubble Waffle Café, we do kitchen equipment and cafe installation with our experienced architect and engineer staff, we provide the recipes and material support that our cooks work in the kitchen section continuously.


Supports given for bubble waffle cafe;


  • Brand and corporate identity work
  • Architectural design for your shop
  • Supply of industrial kitchen machines and equipment
  • Kitchen recipe support
  • Kitchen material supply
  • Free consultation, continuous innovative support
  • Ad support


Shop Size Needed : 25 m2 – 100 m2

Yatırım Maliyeti : 25.000 – 150.000 TL

Profit Margin : %300

Installation Time : 15 gün – 30 gün

Average Shop m2 Cost: 1250TL/M2

Location Selection: Busy streets, high places such as shopping malls

  • Order of Dealership / Franchise Meetings: Information by telephone, Site selection, Franchise agreement, Installation

    To for communicate ;

    Tel 1: 0 543 622 23 19

    Tel2: 0 505 563 60 05  Phone numbers you can call.


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