Bubble Waffle Machines

Bubble Waffle Machine

SMH Bubble Waffle Machine is manufactured by using German made thermostat. So you can run the machine without heat loss and without turning off all day long and you can produce Bubble Waffle.

Adjustable Temperature Control

The SMH Bubble Waffle Machine is time adjustable and you can keep control during production and produce Bubble Waffles of the same quality.

Non-Stick Plates Ideal For Waffles

You can produce bubble waffles on top of each other without lubrication with SMH Bubble Waffle Machine which is made of fireproof and non-stick material.

Adjustment Knob With Red and Green LED Power

If you want to buy a smooth and long lasting Bubble Waffle Machine, SMH Bubble Waffle Machine is just for you.

Granite Teflon Technology

Thanks to the granite teflon technology in the SMH Bubble Waffle Machine, the plates are durable against abrasion and your waffles never stick.

Stainless Steel

All parts and screws of the SMH Bubble Waffle Machine are made of stainless steel. This way, your device maintains the quality of the first day for a very long time.

Argentina Resistance

SMH Bubble Waffle Machine’s double winding argentina resistance allows you to produce one waffle in 2.5 minutes and the first warm-up time is very short.

High Density Wooden Handle

SMH Bubble Waffle Machine has a high density ash-tree wood handle with low thermal conductivity.

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Top Features

Fast Production

A Bubble Waffle production time is 2.5 min. You can produce an average of 22-24 Bubble Waffles per hour.

360 Degree

With its head structure, which can be rotated 360 degrees on its own axis, your bubble waffles come out with the same equal dough casting.

Ergonomic Design

Easy to clean structure saves you the trouble.

Digital Time Clock

Easy to use, your waffle will come out exactly.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the SMH Bubble Waffle Machine guaranteed?

    Yes. SMH Industrial Bubble Waffle Machine has a 2 year warranty period and lifetime service.

    How many bubble waffles can I produce with the SMH Bubble Waffle Machine?

    With the SMH Industrial Bubble Waffle Machine, 1 bubble waffles can be produced on average in 3 minutes, so can be 18 bubble waffles in 1 hour without stopping and losing heat 24/7.

    Is SMH Bubble Waffle Machine domestic production?

    SMH Industrial Bubble Waffle Machine contributes to the national economy with its 100% domestic production and quality approach.

    I want to sell Bubble Waffles. But I don’t know how to make the dough recipe. How should I do it?

    SMH Industrial Bubble Waffle Machine comes with ready to use dough recipe and instruction manual prepared by leading cooks in the field.

    I want to sell Bubble Waffles. But I do not know where to find the necessary packages and dough-shaping apparatus to sell. How should I do?

    In addition to SMH Industrial Bubble Waffle Machine, 1 shaping apparatus and 10 bubble waffle packages are our gift to elite SMH Industrial Bubble Waffle users.

    Does the SMH Bubble Waffle Maker have quality certification?

    SMH Industrial Bubble Waffle Machine, Avrupa Birliği standartlarına uygun CE Sertifikasına sahiptir.

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